#real #me #ad

What is the limit of plausibility in visual storytelling?
The roaring success of social media platforms and the rise of influencer marketing had a great impact on the advertising industry as well as on how many of us take and consume photographs overall.
While scores of common people mimic the aesthetics of advertisements through staging and retouching, an ever increasing number of advertising imagery is given a candid touch to enhance credibility.
"#real #me #ad" examines the more and more sliding line between amateur snapshots and advertising photography and the way we view pictures these days.
Utilising common motifs of contemporary culture – fashion, food and parts of my own body in a domestic environment – I staged Dadaistic performances. The resulting images are created by a blend of calculation and pure chance. They are not digitally manipulated. The style imitates advertisements and snapshots alike.

#real #me #ad

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